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Guangzhou Yuelong Automatic Machinery and Equipment Co.,Ltd&nbsp;is located in Chajiao Industrial Zone of Liwan District. Our company is a professional automatic packaging machinery manufacturer. We specialize in the design, research, development, production and sale of packaging machinery. We integrate manufacture, sale and service together.<BR>The main products such as labeling machine ,pagination machine , conveyer line , electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine , filling machine , drug packaging production line and other products have been widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemicals, lubricants, and other industry. Some products are exported to Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other



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street lighting,無錫激光切割,升降機
YL-FYNH300 Scratch card drying pagination machine
YL-TBYD190 Round bottle and two labels positioning labeling machine
YL-TBFP150 Gas-attracting pagination and labeling machine
YL-TBW150 Horizontal round bottle labeling machine
YL-FKJ3 Aluminum foil sealing machine (3 type)
YL-GZY Fully-automatic liquid filling production line
YL-XGT Automatic capping machine
YL-SP Pellet Counting Machine
YL-LP Bottle Arranging Machine
YL-SCX Pharmaceutical production line
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